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Having a high-end intruder alarm system is a proven deterrent against burglars. ABS Security Systems mainly use Aritech products - as we strongly believe these to be the most robust, sophisticated and cost-effective on the market. Aritech have been leading the way in the intrusion industry for decades and their innovative manufacturing continues to this day. 

Aritech - ATS1500A System


  • Wired, wire-free & hybrid capable (8 onboard zone inputs) 

  • IP-capable (Remotely control the system via an app on smart devices)  

  • Plug-on PSTN dialler / GSM module compatible (For monitoring service) 

  • User-friendly and intuitive 

Aritech - ATS1500A System


  • Wire-free, self-contained and interactive home automation system 

  • Uses cutting-edge Zwave technology

  • ABS Security Systems are an official partner of Smart Alarms - for more information, please click here:

Aritech - ZeroWire System

Aritech - ZeroWire System

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