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Our 3rd party monitoring service is provided by Smart Monitoring - a 100% Irish owned company, who operate out of the most technologically advanced monitoring centre in Ireland. They are licenced by the NSAI (National Standards Authority of Ireland) and they are a PSA (Private Standards Authority) approved company. ABS Security Systems are a proud partner of Smart Monitoring. 

Please find some useful information about Smart Monitoring below: 

'Smart Monitoring provides peace of mind to thousands of home owners across the country through its PSA approved partners. Any time your alarm is activated, you can be safe in the knowledge that one of our experienced controllers will be in contact with you within seconds. If we cannot get hold of you immediately, we will then proceed to contact your list of approved key-holders as supplied by you. In addition, we will also contact the Gardaí for any verified alarm from your home. A verified alarm means that two areas have detected an intruder. For example, our system can detect if a contact on a window has been broken, followed by the intruder being picked up on a movement detection beam.'

Smart Monitoring - Command Centre (2).pn

  • 100% Irish owned 

  • Intruder alarm, fire alarm and CCTV monitoring service

  • Domestic and commercial 

  • Experienced and competent controllers 

Dublin - Control Room

  • 24/7/365 monitoring service 

  • Sophisticated monitoring management system 

  • Competitive rates 

  • GSM communicators available 

Smart Monitoring - Command Centre (1).gi

24/7/365 - Monitoring Service 

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